The Vaulted Skies

Does Anyone Else Feel (Strange)?

The official website for The Vaulted Skies - an original four-piece rock band from the UK bringing together influences from Goth, Indie, Dance, Grunge and Psychedelia.

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Scott Bradley - Drums

Tub-thumper extraordinaire!

"Scott is the newest member of the band, and in many ways our saviour, freeing us as he did from a drummer-less Hell of drum machines and fruitless auditions. Scott’s presence has been very much felt from the first day in the form of the near deadly decibel ratings his drum whacking achieves, in fact he seems to have created a greater dynamic range not by playing soft to loud, but by increasing loud beyond the realms of drum possibility. Ever looking to be inventive watch his space for the two stick high hat trick that one day will be likely be taught on one of those cheesy drum technique videos!"

"I’ve known Scott the longest out of all of the members of The Vaulted Skies, we used to play in a ropey covers band together. The banter between us started then and will likely go on until the end of time. I really like Scott as he’s very down to earth, his drive to get things sounding right is inspiring, and although there’s lots of silliness, it never detracts from his ability to progress whatever song he’s working on."

"Scott's rare combination of huge talent, no ego and great communication skills makes him one of the very best drummers I've ever worked with. Probably the very best. He is patient and completely unflappable. He never makes me feel stupid or annoying when I'm crappily beatboxing ideas at him or jumping behind the kit when my beatboxing reaches its limits and a slo-mo tub-thump is the only vocabulary I have left. He will try anything; he listens, adapts, evolves and of course comes up with his own thunderous patterns and fills to give great groove and establish a solid platform on which the rest of us can do our, erm, stuff.
I refuse to say "thang" again."

"A cracking drummer Scott is constantly challenging himself with new parts for the visions of the songs.  

His sense of humour is a great asset too, often saying what everyone is probably thinking, in a cheeky chappie sort of way.

His now legendary 'click heels and split trousers' at the Bayforbury photo shoot stands as his current comedy triumph.

Looking forward to the next post sound check chicken and chips...!"




Bam! Bam! Bam-bam! Bam!